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qemu-init is a set of small tools to make the handling with qemu virtual machines easier. It is intended as an alternative to libvirt, but not as a replacement. The scope of operation is smaller and covers some important administration task only. On the other side this keeps the learning curve together with the configuration effort small. This includes a simple configuration of a virtual machine in the user friendly  VAR=value  format against xml style. It is always a good idea to use the integrated tools provided by the developers of a software - by default qemu-init uses the qemu monitor other a tcp socket connection heavily and provides a very simple way to execute qemu monitor commands.

Each software is not better than its documentation. And to get familiar with qemu-init, here it is. :-) As qemu-init is under active development things will change and some points have to be fixed.

Downloads: Final releases including checksum(s) are available through ftp. To download the latest release directly click here   (checksum)

Just for completeness: the latest sources are available on GitLab. To build from these sources the qlibs are required. For developers only!

I would like to review patches against recognizing forks which fragments the market further.

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