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Config files

qemu-init uses several config files which could be classified into two groups:

  1. config files shared by the qemu-init tools, located at  /etc/qemu 
  2. config files which belongs to a dedicated virtual machine, located in the folder of the virtual machine


The location is  /etc/qemu/  . It is a V4 file and stores the registered virtual machines as well the autostart option.


The location is  /etc/qemu/  . It contains only one variable: the first port number which will be used by qemu-init.


The location is  /etc/qemu/  . It is a template used by qemu-adm to create a config file of a virtual machine.


A template used by  qemu-adm -r  to create the users config file.


Strictly defined commands which requires privilege escalation.


The pidfile used by the  -pidfile  option of qemu-system-*. It is used to store multiple runtime parameters.


This file contains the configuration parameters of a qemu virtual machine. Detailed info is available here.


The default file to add the users extended config options.

Last modified: 2020/03/30 07:18

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