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qemu-init library


This is the same content like the man page qemud-vnc(8). See naming conventions for abbreviations.


April 14, 2021


 qemud-vnc  - handle vnc connections


         qemu-vnc [ options ] | [ <name> ]  


 qemu-vnc  is designed as an executable library to be invoked by  qemu-adm .  qemu-vnc  does everything on localhost by default. For connections from external hosts it is recommended to use ssh with user  SYSUSR .

Without a valid option (see OPTIONS below)  qemu-vnc  tries to establish a connection to name. The name have to be listed in  VARDIR/vncstatus .  qemu-vnc  uses (requires) an external program called  vncviewer . The connection is always to localhost:PORT, whereat the correct PORT of <name> will be read from  VARDIR/vncstatus  automatically.

Without any parameters  qemu-vnc  prints the (vnc) status of all running virtual machines from  VARDIR/vncstatus  to stdout.


Options is a series of getopt-style short options. Invalid option will be ignored. Valid options take precedence overall.

 -w  Iterate through all currently running registered virtual machines to check if vnc is enabled and (re)write the result to  VARDIR/vncstatus . This option is required by  qemud-init .

 -V  Print version info and exit.


 qemud-vnc  uses  VARDIR/vncstatus  to save and read information about registerd virtual machines with vnc enabled.

In  <name>-qemud.rc  the DISPLAY variable have to be set accordingly to enable vnc through  qemu-init . The PORT will be calculated automatically based on the port of the tcp monitor redirection.

Attention: The here mentioned DISPLAY variable has nothing to do with variable from X!


Kai Peter (©2020-present)


qemu-adm(1), qemud-init(8), qemu-init(5)