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This is the same content like the man page qemud(8). See naming conventions for abbreviations.


April 13, 2021


 qemud  is a wrapper for bulk operations with all registered virtual machines


         qemud [ start | stop | status ] 


 qemud  reads  ETCDIR/regfile  and inokes  qemu-init  always with the given action for each registered virtual machine.

 qemud  is designed to be included into the init process of the system. Recommended place to do this is the local part of the init system. Refer to the documentation of your system for information.  qemud  accepts the start/stop commands (of a common sysvinit process).


The actions start and stop requires root privileges, because they perform a bulk action. The status could be invoked by all members of the group kvm.

 start  Start each registered virtual machine listed in  ETCDIR/autostart . If  ETCDIR/autostart  doesn't exists or the virtual machine is not listed,  qemud  returns 0 silently and does nothing. Otherwise  qemud  invokes  qemu-init  to start the virtual machine.

 stop  Stop all currently running registered virtual machines. This is independant from the autostart configuration.  qemud  does shutdown the virtual machines in  ETCDIR/registered  in sequential order, one after another. This will may be subject to change to do it in parallel.

 status  List the short status line by line of all registered virtual machines in the order of  ETCDIR/registered .  qemud  calls  qemud-reg  to do this.


 qemud  uses  ETCDIR/registered  and  ETCDIR/autostart . For details refer to qemu-init(5). Both files will be read line sequential always.


Kai Peter (©2017-present)


qemu-adm(1), qemu-init(5), qemud-init(8), qemud-reg(8)